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University of Akron, English Language Institute, Akron, Ohio

University of Alabama, English Language Institute, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

University of Albany, State University of New York (SUNY), Intensive English Language Program, Albany, New York

University of Arkansas, Intensive English Language Program, Little Rock, Arkansas

University of Arkansas, Spring International Language Center, Fayetteville, Arkansas

University of Arizona, Center for English as a Second Language, Tucson, Arizona

University of Buffalo, State University of New York, The English Language Institute, New York

University of California, Irvine, English and Certificates for Internationals, Irvine, California

University of California, Riverside, International Education Programs, Riverside, California

University of California, Santa Cruz, English Language International, Santa Cruz, California

University of Central Arkansas, Intensive English Program, Conway, Arkansas

University of Colorado at Boulder, International English Center, Boulder, Colorado

University of Dallas, Intensive English Program, Dallas, Texas

University of Dayton, English Language and Multicultural Institute (ELMI), Dayton, Ohio

University of Delaware, English Language Institute, Newark, Delaware

University of Denver, English Language Center, Denver, Colorado

University of Florida, English Language Institute, Gainesville, Florida

University of Hawaii, New Intensive Courses in English (NICE), Honolulu, Hawaii

University of Houston, Language and Culture Center, Houston, Texas

University of Idaho, American Language and Culture Program, Moscow, Idaho

The University of Illinois at Chicago, Tutorium in Intensive English, Chicago, Illinois

The University of Iowa, The University of Iowa's Intensive English Program, Iowa City, Iowa

University of Louisville, Intensive English as Second Language Program, Louisville, Kentucky

University of Maine, Intensive English Institute, Orono, Maine

University of Maryland, Maryland English Institute, College Park, Maryland

University of Memphis, English Department, ESL Concentration, Memphis, Tennessee

University of Miami, Intensive English Program, Coral Gables, Florida

University of Michigan, English Language Institute, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University of Mississippi, Intensive English Program, Oxford, Mississippi

Univesity of Montana, English Language Institute, Missoula, Montana

University of Nebraska at Kearney, English Languge Institute, Kearney, Nebraska

University of Nebraska at Omaha, Intensive Language Program, Omaha, Nebraska

University of Nevada, Reno, Intensive English Language Center, Reno, Nevada

University of New Hampshire, ESL Institute, Durham

University of New Mexico, Center for English Language and American Culture, Albuquerque, New Mexico

University of North Carolina Charlotte, English Language Training Institute, Charlotte, North Carolina

University of North Carolina Greensboro, INTERLINK Language Center, Greensboro, North Carolina

University of North Carolina Wilmington, English as a Second Language Program, Wilmington, North Carolina

University of North Florida, English Language Program, Jacksonville, Florida

The University of Northern Iowa, The Culture and Intensive English Program, Cedar Falls, Iowa

University of Oklahoma, Center for English as a Second Language (CESL), Norman, Oklahoma

University of Oregon, American English Institute, Eugene, Oregon

University of Pennsylvania, English Language Programs, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

University of Pittsburgh, English Language Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

University of San Francisco, English as a Second Language Program, San Francisco, California

University of South Alabama, English Language Center, Mobile, Alabama

University of South Carolina, English Programs for Internationals, Columbia, South Carolina

University of South Florida, English Language Institute, Tampa, Florida

University of Southern California, USC Language Academy, Los Angeles, California

University of Southern Maine, Intensive English Language Institute, Portland, Maine

University of Southern Mississippi, English Language Institute, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

University of Tennessee at Knoxville, English Language Institute, Knoxville, Tennessee

University of Texas at Arlington, English Language Institute, Arlington, Texas

The University of Texas at Austin, Academic English Program, Austin, Texas

University of Toledo, American Language Institute, Toledo, Ohio

University of Utah, English Language Institute, Salt Lake City, Utah

University of Washington, English as a Second Language, Seattle, Washington

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Intensive English Program, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, English as a Second Language Institute, La Crosse, Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, English as a Second Language Program, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Utah State University, Intensive English Language Institute, Logan, Utah

Valdosta State University, English Language Institute, Valdosta, Georgia

Valparaiso University, INTERLINK Language Center, Valparaiso, Indiana

Virginia International University, English as a Second Language, Fairfax, Virginia

Virginia Tech, English Language Institute of Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

Wayne State University, English Language Institute, Detroit, Michigan

Washington State University, Intensive American Language Center, Pullman, Washington

Washington University, English as a Second Language Program, St. Louis, Missouri

Western Illinois University, Western's English as a Second Language (WESL) Institute, Macomb, Illinois

Western Michigan University, Career English Language Center for International Students (CELCIS), Kalamazoo, Michigan

Western Pacific College, Intensive English Language School, Portland, Oregon

West Valley College, ESL Program, Saratoga, California

West Virginia University, Intensive English Program, Morgantown, West Virginia

Western Washington University, Intensive English Program, Bellingham, Washington

Wisconsin English Second Language Institute, Madison, Wisconsin

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, ESL Summer Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts

Zoni Language Center, New York City, New York

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