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Global Study’s staff are university-educated and have extensive experience helping students study abroad. All are committed to ensuring every student they work with builds the strongest profile possible and submits applications that stand out. Competition for top quality universities is intense. Our goal is to guide students through their study abroad journey so they travel it with confidence, knowing each step has been completed to give them the best chance of an offer from their dream school(s). This is our binding commitment.
Cal Barton
President, Global Study
Cal is President of Global Study, the international EdTech and student advisory company that owns ProEd. Global Study’s objective is to develop the world’s most powerful online platform for international students. An initial version of the platform is live and its ongoing development is being informed by Global Study’s counselling operations so it delivers what counsellors and students need. Cal is based in London. An active entrepreneur for 30 years, he has been in international student recruitment since 2019.
Dr Gospel Ikpeme
General Manager
Dr. Gospel Ikpeme has a master’s degree from the University of Leeds anda PhD in English language education from the University of Abuja. He has years of experience in the education sector in a range of high-level roles. He taught at the University of Leeds, was Head of Secondary at Lead British International School (LBIS) in Abuja and has held a variety of seniorposts at several schools in Nigeria. Dr Ikpeme has advised hundreds of students including many who ventured to study abroad
Bryan Maduka
Admissions Counsellor
Bryan has been working in international student recruitment and counselling since 2016. He has helped undergraduate and graduate students successfully navigate the study abroad journey. Bryan has a Bachelor’s degree in Plant Science and Biotechnology and a Post Graduate diploma in IT. He is committed to helping students achieve their education goals.

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