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Massively boost productivity and quality assurance.

If you’re with an agency or university recruiter, does this sound familiar ?

I spend hours researching the best options for students.

  • I waste time answering the same questions over and over again.
  • I waste time trying to find previous communication with students.
  • Keeping track of where I am with each student is a nightmare.
  • My system for storing routinely needed documents is inefficient.

If you’re an agency or university recruitment manager

Imagine knowing your advisors/counselors will consistently respond to queries correctly & promptly.

Imagine they can research options for schools and programmes in minutes rather than hours.

Imagine they can easily keep track of where their students are on their study abroad journeys.

Imagine they can easily help double or more than the number of students they currently help.

Student Recruitment Agencies face many challenges

What our clients are saying about us

"We have been delighted with the Student Advisor platform. The main AI module along with the memory bank serves our advisors extremely well by providing consistently accurate answers at the tap of a magic wand to our students. But it doesn't stop there. The Student Advisor platform is an all in one solution that allows you to manage all the needs for each student's journey, from milestone tracking to document management, full communications (including audio, video and text), the ability to invite 3rd parties into the conversation and so much more. It has made us much more efficient. I don't know how we operated without it. The Global Study team has done a great job in onboarding us to their platform and continues to offer excellent support."

Rami Hijaz

General Manager, Mericler Inc.

"I would like to demonstrate our gratitude for using your service as we've been using Student Advisor for several months. It makes managing students’ way more efficient. And the AI is amazing. It hugely reduces research time - and we can use it in Arabic. The platform helps me help more students than I could without it. I can't recommend it strongly enough. Thank you and keep the amazing work!"

Osama Mohamad


Experience the game changing student management platform that agencies &universities around the world are raving about

The Current Landscape - Extremely Challenging

Most agencies lack instant access to centralized expertise, guidance, and accurate information, resulting in fragmented support for students.

Lower than ideal productivity

Most agencies lack instant access to centralized expertise, guidance, and accurate information, resulting in fragmented support for students.

Hit and miss quality assurance.

Many agencies struggle to provide a one-stop gateway for the services students routinely need, leading to inefficiencies and a disjointed experience.
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Nothing helps address these issues as powerfully as the right AI integration. That’s what Student Advisor offers.

The benefits are astounding.

Let Student Advisor give your advisors superpowers, hugely boost productivity and quality assurance and in the process - increase your revenue.
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Student Advisor is a 1-Stop Gateway for the Complete Student Journey

Student Advisor Delivers

More enrolments and revenue

Each advisor can manage more students leading to more enrolments.
Fully integrated access to key service providers (insurance, housing, loans, bank accounts, etc) means more commissions from providers.
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Greatly Increased Productivity

AI co-pilot dramatically reduces time to complete tasks and research from hours to seconds.
Integrated, easy access to a full range of routinely needed services: visa help, insurance, bank setup, housing and much more.
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Comprehensive communications platform and access to key support

Comprehensive, integrated text, audio and video communications for advisors and students.
Ability to add trusted parties to the conversation, such as parents, teachers or other confidants.
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Better school matching and organised journey

Ability to access experts and more accurate information leads to better outcomes for students.
Integrated customisable step by step student journey tracker ensures all requirements are effectively managed.
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