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Student Recruitment Agencies face many challenges:

Fragmented Support

Most agencies lack instant access to centralized expertise, guidance, and accurate information, resulting in fragmented support for students.

Missing Services

Many agencies struggle to provide a one-stop gateway for the services students routinely need, leading to inefficiencies and a disjointed experience.

Limited Resources

Without an AI co-pilot, agencies miss out on 100% productivity gains, time-saving research capabilities, and access to a valuable resource dedicated to studying abroad.
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What’s the answer?

Introducing Student Advisor

Moving a dated, inefficient and largely offline experience into the digital world.
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Student Advisor is a 1-Stop Gateway for the Complete Student Journey

Student Advisor Delivers
More enrolments and revenue
Each advisor can manage more students leading to more enrolments.
Fully integrated access to key service providers (insurance, housing, loans, bank accounts, etc) means more commissions from providers.
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Greatly Increased Productivity
AI co-pilot dramatically reduces time to complete tasks and research from hours to seconds.
Integrated, easy access to a full range of routinely needed services: visa help, insurance, bank setup, housing and much more.
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Comprehensive communications platform and access to key support
Comprehensive, integrated text, audio and video communications for advisors and students.
Ability to add trusted parties to the conversation, such as parents, teachers or other confidants.
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Better school matching and organised journey
Ability to access experts and more accurate information leads to better outcomes for students.
Integrated customisable step by step student journey tracker ensures all requirements are effectively managed.
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