Transform Student Recruitment with Student Advisor for Schools

Welcome to the future of student enquiry management with Student Advisor for Schools. Our AI-powered All-in-One Platform is designed to revolutionize your student recruitment processes, providing unparalleled support to recruiters, admissions, and students alike.

Common Challenges Addressed

Qualifying and Filtering Student Leads

Do you have difficulty or spend inordinate amounts of time qualifying and filtering student leads ? Our AI lead-qualifier bot takes care of this for you, by asking the questions you need answered to determine the quality of students.

Quickest Response Times

Taking hours, days or weeks to reply to student enquiries, thereby losing the student?  Student Advisor responds to students within seconds on every enquiry, via the student’s preferred communication method - website, WhatsApp and/or SMS.

A Positive Enquiry Experience

Wow your potential students with a positive, quick and effective enquiry experience. Forget student pet-hates, such as enquiry forms or auto-responder emails. Provide students with detailed replies in their own language (160+ languages supported).

A System That Knows Your Institution Better Than You Do

The Student Advisor Platform and AI Bots understand all the information on your website, and can be programmed with an unlimited number of live FAQ’s, so that you are providing students with consistent, school-approved content at all times.

Enhanced Student Application Management

Keeping track of student progress shouldn't be a nightmare. Student Advisor enables you to track each student’s journey; manage their documents, set reminders, and hold video calls. Students can also be transferred between colleagues in an instant.

Benefits for Institutions

Discover how Student Advisor addresses common challenges, streamlining processes and enhancing the overall student recruitment experience.

Increase in Applications and Enrolments

Offering an accelerated and positive enquiry experience brings forward the student’s decision making process. By demonstrating your commitment to students by providing the quickest and most reliable enquiry service they are more likely to enrol with you.

Free-up Your Staff and Resources:

Do your Recruitment and Admissions teams spend hours each week qualifying leads and responding to the same questions with the same answers ? Our solutions automate responses to common queries, freeing up your staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Let Service Be Your Secret Weapon

Looking to differentiate your institution from the rest ?  Quick, thoughtful and accurate service to students in the discovery, enquiry and application stages is a key driver when students are deciding where to study. ‘If the school is this supportive before I’m enrolled, imagine the support I’ll receive when on campus?’.

Be Where Your Students Are

Generation Z students are online all-day everyday, using chat apps more than ever before. Be there with them, answering their questions via their preferred communication means within seconds and in their own language. Show that your institution is as technologically-advanced and forward-thinking as they are.

Unleashing Educational Superpowers

Discover the game-changing features that Global Study’s solutions bring to your institution. From efficient student qualifying and filtering to instantaneous and accurate communication, empower your team with tools that redefine student enquiry management.

Experience the Future Today

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