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Global Study’s staff are university-educated and have extensive experience helping students study abroad. All are committed to ensuring every student they work with builds the strongest profile possible and submits applications that stand out. Competition for top quality universities is intense. Our goal is to guide students through their study abroad journey so they travel it with confidence, knowing each step has been completed to give them the best chance of an offer from their dream school(s). This is our binding commitment.
Ajay Shukla
Director India/Middle East
Ajay has a PhD in Education Management and years of experience in the education sector. For eight years he was the MD, South Asia for the noted publishing and education services company McGraw Hill. He was also CEO of International Horizons College in Dubai for four years. Since 2019, Ajay has been managing international student counselling operations in India and the United Arab Emirates. He is the director of these regions for Global Study, the parent company of Global Study India.
Priyanka Malhotra
General Manager
Priyanka has been helping Indian students study abroad since 2007. She has personally guided hundreds of students and has also managed teams of counsellors. The destination countries she’s covered include Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany and more. Priyanka’s experience and commitment mean students can expect outstanding service and support in their journey to attend their dream school.
Simran Kaur
Admission Advisor
Simran has worked as an international student counsellor since 2017. She specialises in admissions to colleges/universities in Europe, including the UK, and North America. Simran has helped more than 100 students successfully enrol abroad and is dedicated to doing what’s in each student’s best interest.
Arvinder Singh
Applications Manager
Arvinder specialises in submitting applications to colleges and universities abroad. He’s been providing this service for more than 20 years. Arvinder’s experience ensures applications are complete, with all boxes ticked, when they’re submitted. His attention to detail means no time is wasted with requests from schools for further documentation and clarification that can cause delays and see an application rejected.
Shubhra Saxena
Digital Marketing
Shubhra has an MBA from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. She also spent three years working in Human Resources in the education sector in Australia before returning to India. Shubhra’s experience as an international student informs the tips she routinely sends to students in India who aspire to study abroad.

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