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Global Study’s staff are university-educated and have extensive experience helping students study abroad. All are committed to ensuring every student they work with builds the strongest profile possible and submits applications that stand out. Competition for top quality universities is intense. Our goal is to guide students through their study abroad journey so they travel it with confidence, knowing each step has been completed to give them the best chance of an offer from their dream school(s). This is our binding commitment.
Cal Barton
President, Global Study
Cal is President of Global Study, the international EdTech and student advisory company that owns ProEd. Global Study’s objective is to develop the world’s most powerful online platform for international students. An initial version of the platform is live and its ongoing development is being informed by Global Study’s counselling operations so it delivers what counsellors and students need. Cal is based in London. An active entrepreneur for 30 years, he has been in international student recruitment since 2019.
Ajay Shukla
Managing Director, Middle East & South Asia
Ajay has a PhD in Education Management and years of experience in the education sector. For eight years he was the MD, South Asia for noted publishing and education services company McGraw Hill. For four years he was the CEO of International Horizons College. Since July 2019, he has managed student counselling operations in Dubai overseeing teams that have placed hundreds of students in their dream universities.
Subhabrata Datta
Senior Education Counsellor
Subhabrata has an MBA from ESC Pau in France. He has worked in overseas education consulting since 2016 with extensive experience in counselling, profile building, admissions applications and visa assistance. Subhabrata has a British Council Agent certificate and a similar qualification from Education New Zealand.
Rand Alsharu
Admissions Counsellor
Rand has been working with international students for more than six years. Since 2019, she has focused on helping students aspiring to attend university in the UAE and abroad. Prior to that, she was an Admission Coordinator for Al Ghurair University in Dubai. Rand knows the university landscape in the UAE extremely well and has extensive experience helping students seeking to study outside the UAE. She is committed to achieving what is in every student’s best interest.
Aarja Singh
Admissions Counsellor
Aarja has extensive experience studying and working abroad. She has an MBA from Coventry University London and an MSc in Digital Marketing from Middlesex University London. She worked as a recruitment student advisor at Coventry and in a similar position at Middlesex. This breadth of experience and deep knowledge of education systems abroad and in the UAE mean Aarja is uniquely qualified to help students no matter where they want to study.
Malva Serbest
Admissions Counsellor
Malva has a varied background that includes working as an early childhood teacher, university admissions coordinator and a research analyst. She also has a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. This range of experience and academic background means the students Malva helps benefit from solid guidance as they navigate the journey towards a university education.
Faye Brian
Administration Officer
Faye takes care of the regular tasks that need to be sorted to keep our Dubai operation running smoothly. She has previously worked for top-ranked independent high schools in Dubai in various admin capacities.

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