Other Products & Services

Global Study offers a range of products and services directly and through partners vetted for quality and value for money. Our partners will charge you the same as if you went to them directly. Benefit from the work we’ve done to identify the best providers and from the support we give when you book their products and services. And in the unlikely event you have an issue, we’re there to help make sure it is resolved promptly and to your satisfaction.
Profile Building
Skill enrichment and other programmers to strengthen your student profile and make your university applications stand out
Test Preparation
Courses to help you prefer for entrance exams and English language proficiency tests
Applications Support
Additional help for your university and visa applications
Ancillary Services
Services international students routinely need before and after they reach their destination country

Profile Building

Psychometric/Personality Test
Research Project
Entrepreneur Bootcamp
Leadership Programme
Virtual Internship
Coding Bootcamp
Artificial Intelligence

Test Preparation

Tutoring – All Subjects
SAT Prep

Applications Support

Documents Check and Verification
Personal Essay Review
Bank Statement Verification
Ancillary Services
  • Student Loans: 3rd & 4th Year Undergrad, Post Grad – For 400 schools in Canada and the US only.
  • Medical Insurance
  • Mobile Phone (USA)
  • Bank Account (USA)
Soon to add
  • Bank Account
  • FX
  • Mobile Phone
  • Accommodation
  • And more