We help students in China who want to study abroad.

We are a part of Global Study’s international operations.

If you live in China, our Chinese team will help you with support from specialist advisors in countries such as the UK, the US and Canada.

The journey can be daunting. We make it stress-free. Let us help you make your journey with confidence.

We have offices in Chengdu and Shenzhen.

How can we help you?

Consider the steps you must take to study abroad.
Our counsellors guide you through them all. Here’s a list of just some of them:
Your grades must make you eligible for the colleges or universities you want to attend.
Your budget has to cover your travel, tuition and living costs.
You might be eligible for a scholarship – but don’t expect too much. They can help but they generally only cover a small part of all tuition fee.
Your English language proficiency has to meet requirements.
You need to build a strong student profile.
You need to prepare strong applications to increase your chances of an offer you want.
You need to identify at least 2-3 options so you have alternatives if your top choice doesn’t come through.
You can’t miss any deadlines.
You need to be eligible for a student visa.
The list goes on.

Essential Services for Studying Abroad

You’ll also need to make sure the many services you’ll need – from transferring funds to finding accommodation to setting up a bank account at your destination and more – offer quality and value for money.

That’s a lot to leave to chance. So don’t.

How Do We Help?

We discuss your career and academic objectives.
We identify your preferences: what career, what programme, what country, what schools?
We review your academic transcripts.
We review your budget.
We put it all together to help you find your best-fit options.
We help you build your student profile – the background and skills that will make your applications stand out.
We help you prepare and submit the strongest applications possible to give you the best chance of good offers.
We help you review your offers and decide which one(s) to accept. It’s your choice, we just make sure you’re aware of everything to consider.
We help you find the additional services you might need: visa application assistance, medical insurance, good FX rates, a bank account and mobile phone service in your destination country and more.
We offer post-enrolment support and keep in touch throughout your studies.

It’s a long-term commitment.

Our goal is your success – and to find the best-fit school to help you achieve your dreams.

We offer a range of counselling packages – from basic to elite. We work with some students from as early as 12 years old and can also help if you’re less than one year away from applying.

Contact our Chinese team now to find out what package is best for you.
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