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Global Study’s staff are university-educated and have extensive experience helping students study abroad. All are committed to ensuring every student they work with builds the strongest profile possible and submits applications that stand out. Competition for top quality universities is intense. Our goal is to guide students through their study abroad journey so they travel it with confidence, knowing each step has been completed to give them the best chance of an offer from their dream school(s). This is our binding commitment.
William Li
Managing Director, Global Study China
William has over 10 years of experience in the study-abroad advisory service sector. He leads a team of elite professionals delivering top-class services to students.

William’s insights and in-depth understanding enable him to tailor plans for students to achieve academic and professional excellence. He has personally helped more than 300 students enrol in top universities in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, HK and Singapore.
Frank Zhang
Advisory Team Leader, Chengdu
Frank is a veteran in the international education sector and has served more than 500 families over the past 10 years. His experience makes him a highly qualified mentor to everyone he manages and hugely benefits students he and his team are helping Frank has previously worked for some of the largest education groups in China.
John Chen
Chief Advisor, Lower Age Students, Chengdu
John delivers advisory services to school kids from 3-16 years old who aim to study in private boarding schools in the UK, the US, Canada and Singapore. He developed a series of advanced quality education courses for young students. Thanks to his work, many young students have successfully enrolled in elite schools in target countries. John’s continuous efforts to encourage students to achieve academic excellence have also helped many students study at the world's top universities.
Ingrid Xu
Senior Advisor & Applications Manager, Chengdu
Ingrid has a comprehensive understanding of undergraduate and postgraduate applications to the UK and other major Commonwealth nations such as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. She has a solid track record of seeing students admitted to top schools in these countries and is committed to making sure their applications are as strong as they can be. Ingrid also has expertise in helping students prepare for language tests.
Sabrina Qiu
Senior Advisor, Chengdu
Holland’s MBTI expert, TEM8 Certified with professional translation experience.
Sabrina has an in-depth understanding of the detailed application processes and the education systems of the US and the UK. She has extensive experience managing applications to US TOP30 and UK G5 universities. She has helped more than 300 students get offers from world's top 100 universities.
Aprille Wang
University Project Manager, Chengdu
Aprille manages four co-operative international degree programs with universities in the UK and Japan. She is familiar with university applications to the UK and Japan, including the admission process, visa application requirements, pre-departure preparation, overseas guardianship and general assistance. She has become an expert on establishing UK and Japan co-operative degree programs with local Chinese universities.
Cecilia Liu
Advisor, Chengdu
Cecilia was a travel service crew member for Norwegian International Cruise Line in the United States, traveling to 40+ countries and 100+ cities around the world.  Her unique experience means she is well-versed on the history and cultures of many countries. That international experience gives Cecilia an edge as an advisor to the benefit of the students she helps. 
Rachel Yang
Senior Advisor, Chengdu
Rachel has a degree in English from Sichuan Foreign Language University. She is excellent at analyzing students' strengths and weakness and designing tailor-made application plans. She has successfully helped over 300 students to get admissions to the most prestigious universities in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
Lindsay Liu
Senior Advisor, Chengdu
Lindsay started working as international student advisor for one of the main education groups in China in 2015. She is committed to guiding students to the right colleges and universities and creates the best personalized study plans for every student. Lindsay pays great attention to details to make sure students get the best service possible and are successfully admitted to their dream school.
Shirley Xiao
Senior Advisor, Chengdu
Shirley has five years of experience helping students apply to prestigious British schools and universities. She has an in-depth understanding of the education systems and application processes in Commonwealth countries. Shirley considers each students' personal interests, personality and learning ability when she guides them to help achieve their education goals.
Hongyu Gong
Japanese Program Advisor, Chengdu
Japanese N1 Certified, Hongyu has solid study and work experience in Japan, including jobs as a senior Japanese translator for Japanese enterprises. She is in charge of the Japanese language training and academic curriculum design for Global Study’s Chengdu operation and of Japanese programs at local universities.

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