The most powerful student management platform for agencies and universities.

Global Study was established in February 2020. Its objective: to create the most powerful platform for international student recruitment agencies and university recruitment departments and their students. A one-stop gateway where everything can be easily managed. The aim is to give users superpowers and to make the confusing, daunting study abroad journey simpler and painless.

Where we are now

Our platform is live! You can subscribe. It was developed in direct consultation with active advisors and their students and it was built to address the major pain points they faced. The result is a powerful resource that offers massive benefits. And it’s constantly being updated to incorporate the latest AI tech to make Student Advisor even more powerful.

Our Commitment to

Empowering Global Education

We built our products to make things easier for advisors and the students they help. That’s just the beginning. We have a long-term plan to develop the most powerful online resource in international student recruitment. A resource that makes the study abroad journey as stress-free and fully informed as possible. That will translate into even bigger benefits for our users.

Our vision is a platform where students, agencies, universities and other parties that serve international students can all interact in one place with easy, transparent access to the best information and services available.


We are committed to delivering excellence in education and support services, ensuring that students receive top-tier guidance, resources, and personalized assistance throughout their study abroad journey. Our unwavering dedication to excellence empowers students to achieve their academic and personal goals.


Embracing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, we strive to revolutionize the study abroad experience. Through our AI-powered platform, we provide agencies and their students with real-time information, and efficient processes, making study abroad planning and decision-making more streamlined than ever before.


We deeply understand the unique needs and aspirations of students. Our student-centric approach is built on empathy, actively listening to their dreams, concerns, and challenges. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, we empower students to embark on their study abroad journey with confidence, knowing they have a trusted partner by their side.
The team

Our company is truly global

Meet our leadership team.

Gregory Sukornyk

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Gregory has been building tech companies for more than 25 years. He joined Global Study in 2021 because of his passion for education and the huge potential he saw for disruptive technology in the study abroad sector. Gregory has led several start-ups through rapid growth and multiple financings to successful acquisition. This includes the sale of the then leading free Internet Service Provider in the UK to a major French Telecom in 2000 and three other exits.

Cal Barton

President, Chief Operating Officer & Founder
Cal has been an entrepreneur since the early 1990s. In 2013, he began to invest in start-ups in the tech and green energy sectors. The challenges faced by international students intent on studying abroad were too compelling to ignore leading him to establish Global Study in early 2020. Cal has had two major exits in the UK to date: one in the broadcast facilities sector, the other in the social housing space.

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Our team is growing fast and we’re always looking for smart people.
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