Student Advisor makes management of study abroad students as efficient and quality-driven as possible. It powerfully integrates AI to automate mundane tasks; reduce the time it takes to do essential research; and free advisors to use the human touch.

Specifically built for agencies and university recruiters, the platform increases productivity and ensures a higher-quality service is consistently delivered. No other platform comes close.

Student Advisor in 5 Minutes

Launched in September 2023, our platform has amazed agency and university recruiters with its exceptional features and the huge benefits they offer. 

It means advisors can say goodbye to the frustrating and repetitive parts of their job and focus on what really makes a difference to students: attentive, personal care. It also means they can easily help more than double the number of students they work with in the same amount of time.

Check out some of the many advantages Student Advisor offers:

More enrolments and revenue
Each advisor can manage more students leading to more enrolments.
Fully integrated access to key service providers (insurance, housing, loans, bank accounts, etc) means more commissions from providers.
Greatly Increased Productivity
AI co-pilot dramatically reduces time to complete tasks and research from hours to seconds.
Integrated, easy access to a full range of routinely needed services: visa help, insurance, bank setup, housing and much more.
Comprehensive communications platform and access to key support
Comprehensive, integrated text, audio and video communications for advisors and students.
Ability to add trusted parties to the conversation, such as parents, teachers or other confidants.
Better school matching and organised journey
Ability to access experts and more accurate information leads to better outcomes for students.
Integrated customisable step by step student journey tracker ensures all requirements are effectively managed.

Experience the difference

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