Customer Terms of Service:

Customer Terms of Service outline the agreement between a service provider and its customers regarding the terms, conditions, and responsibilities associated with using the service or product. These terms typically cover aspects such as usage rights, obligations, limitations, and dispute resolution procedures. For further details, view Customer Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy:

A Privacy Policy is a document that outlines how an organization collects, uses, shares, and protects the personal information of its users or customers. It typically includes details about the types of data collected, the purposes for which it is used, how it is stored and secured, and users' rights regarding their personal information. For further details, view Privacy Policy.

Data Processing Agreement:

A Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is a legally binding contract between a data controller and a data processor that governs the processing of personal data. It specifies the obligations and responsibilities of each party regarding the processing, security, and protection of personal data in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. For further details, view Data Processing Agreement.

Student Advisor service level agreement:

A service-level agreement (SLA) defines the level of service you expect from Global Study, laying out the metrics by which the service is measured, as well as remedies or penalties should agreed-on service levels not be achieved. Please see:  Student Advisor Service Level Agreement

Global Study AI Ethics Policy:

The Global Study AI Ethics Policy serves as a comprehensive framework guiding the ethical development, deployment, and use of artificial intelligence technologies within our organization. It delineates the principles, guidelines, and best practices that govern our approach to AI ethics, including fairness, transparency, accountability, and privacy protection. For further insights into our AI Ethics Policy and to understand our commitment to responsible AI practices, please refer to the Global Study AI Ethics Policy page.