Key Services

September 23, 2022

Key Services

When you study abroad, you’ll need to rely on some key services as part of your journey. Three of these are health insurance, foreign exchange and travel arrangements.

Health Insurance

Make sure you get a health insurance policy that covers everything you want covered. Get trusted advice on this or reliable referrals. Policy requirements can vary from country to country so make sure your policy is well suited to the country you choose.

Some colleges and university will require you to enrol in the policy they use for international students. In that case, you won’t have a choice but you should still make sure you understand what the policy covers – if something you need is missing, ask what it would take to have it added.

Foreign Exchange

To cover your tuition and living costs, you will be converted a considerable amount of your country’s currency into the currency of the country where you’ll study. When you do this conversion, make sure you’re get the best rate possible. Relying on your bank could mean spending much more than you would by using a competitive foreign exchange service.

Again, get recommendations and compare rates. Go with a reliable, reputable service that is going to give you the largest amount of foreign currency for the funds you’re converting. If you’re studying abroad for a year or more, the difference can be substantial.

Travel Arrangements

You’re likely going to fly to your destination country and you’ll have to get to your accommodation from the airport. You might be taking more than the permitted amount of baggage your airfare includes so will face excess baggage charges.

Check your travel options in advance to make sure you’re getting the best deal. One thing – it’s not always about the cheapest flight or ground transport. It’s generally worth paying a bit more for a direct flight rather a flight with changes on the way. And it’s worth paying for your own car service from the airport to your accommodation rather than taking a public bus. Often the school you’re attending might offer a collection service at the airport.

You should be able to find out the best options online and from the school you’ll be attending. Just make sure everything is clearly arranged so the trip from your home to your new residence goes smoothly.

If you want to study abroad and think you’ve got the grades and financial means, contact one of our Advisors to find out how they can help make the process quicker and easier.