What is a Sub-processor?

A sub-processor is a third-party entity engaged by a data processor to assist in processing personal data on behalf of a data controller. Sub-processors play a crucial role in various business operations, providing specialized services or expertise that complement the data processing activities of the data processor. These services may include hosting infrastructure, software development, communication services, and more. Sub-processors act under the instruction and control of the data processor, and their activities are governed by strict contractual agreements to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and safeguard the privacy and security of personal data.

Due Diligence

Before engaging any new sub-processors, rigorous due diligence is conducted to assess their suitability and ability to meet the data protection requirements set forth by the data controller and processor. This due diligence process involves evaluating factors such as the sub-processor's reputation, expertise, security practices, and compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

For Customers:

We understand the importance of transparency and trust when it comes to handling your data. That's why we carefully select and vet each sub-processor to ensure they meet our stringent data protection standards. Rest assured that any sub-processor we engage with is contractually obligated to adhere to the same level of data protection and security measures that we maintain. By entrusting us with your data, you can have confidence that it is in safe hands throughout its lifecycle.
Our commitment to data privacy and security extends to every individual who interacts with our products and services. Whether you're a customer, user, or simply interested in learning more about how we handle data, we want you to feel informed and empowered. That's why we're transparent about the sub-processors we work with and the roles they play in our operations. By maintaining clear communication and accountability, we strive to uphold the highest standards of data protection for everyone involved.

Software Mansion S.A

Software development services.

Retool Inc.

Retool aids in rapid internal tool creation. As a subprocessor, they handle data for tool development under strict security measures.

Twilio Inc.Twilio, a cloud comms platform, aids businesses in customer communication via SMS, voice, and email. We use them as a subprocessor for sending notifications, etc. As a subprocessor, they handle data under strict security measures.
Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS)

AWS, a top cloud provider, hosts our infrastructure as a subprocessor. They manage servers, databases, etc. We ensure data security with encryption and access controls. AWS prioritizes security and compliance, assuring our data's safety.

Circle Internet Services, Inc. (CircleCI)

CircleCI, a CI/CD platform, automates software development tasks. We use them to streamline build and deployment pipelines securely. They handle code and related data under strict security measures, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

Okta, Inc.

Okta and Auth0 streamline authentication, offering robust features like multi-factor, social login, and passwordless options for secure user access.

Google LLC

Google serves as a subprocessor for calendar access and analytics, while Firebase handles push notifications, enriching app functionality with their specialized services.

Functional Software, Inc. d/b/a Sentry

Sentry acts as a subprocessor, collecting error logs within the app, facilitating efficient error monitoring and resolution processes.

Pinecone Systems, Inc.

Pinecone provides services for Microbot memories and URL content, available exclusively to advisors.